Established 2015

About Gypsy Soul Horses

The Birth of My Gypsy Soul Family

I’m Danielle, the founder of Gypsy Soul. I grew up in a small northern town, surrounded by horses and by horse lovers. We grew up outside more than inside, we quaded, fished and camped, we had sleepovers in barns.  Growing up, I rode my friends’ horses as often as they’d let me, although I was not fortunate enough to own my own.  Their fathers were vets, farmers and ranchers. I accompanied them to dressage shows, to their eventing competitions. I braided their horse’s manes and tails; any excuse to handle their horses. I even happily mucked their stalls.

I’m not only a horse lover, but I am also a science nerd. I moved from my small town to the “big” city where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science, and I quickly fell into my dream job:  I became a nationally well-known and award-winning Pathologists’ Assistant. I now also teach at the same University I graduated from. This profession is a perfect fit for my meticulous yet curious nature. Despite my academic profession, I maintained my small town roots, passions, and friendships.

Many eons (and two daughters and a divorce) later, I found myself eye to eye with a Gypsy Horse. I’ve always loved horses, but this Gypsy Horse was different.  He was a stallion, yet he was the most gentle, beautiful, and obviously kind and willing horse I’d ever seen. We spent just one afternoon together, and I was in love.

My science side reared its head and I researched the heck out of Gypsy Horses.  They were a perfect fit for my new family:Naturally easy to train, gentle, and willing. I learned their colour and pattern genetics, disease genetics, studied their potential acquired diseases and health issues and learned how to avoid them, read about this horse’ origins abroad and about their journey to North America.

My daughters quickly found that they had inherited a love of horses from their horse loving, science-nerd momma. It was time to finally own our own horses.  I reached out to the tiny Gypsy Horse breeding community and found it filled with beautiful souls raising beautiful horses.

And my own Gypsy Soul was born.

Welcome to our Gypsy Soul family