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Romany King’s Blue-Eyed Prince

His nickname is “Houdini”, and it’s aptly earned. We’ve upgraded his baby pen’s fencing 3 times due to his successful and smartly executed escape attempts.

Unfortunately for us, he has his mother’s intelligence. Fortunately for you, he has his mother’s intelligence.

Blue should be handled by at least an intermediate trainer and rider, as he is very smart and willing. If he received inconsistent signals or inconsistent training he may become confused as he is quite consistent himself. Best of all, he is very responsive without being the least bit flighty. This boy has the potential to take you places!

His dam is 14.1, his sire 14.2.

Blue is a fantastic and fancy gelding, searching for his forever Gypsy family.

DOB: May 6, 2018
GVHS Registered
Price: $12,000 Canadian


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Blue-Eyed Prince first time meeting the puppies


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Black Pearl

GVHS Registered

“Pearl” has been our herd mare for 3 years. She has awesome feather and the thickest tail I have ever seen,
or washed! :-). She has a fantastic build and is E/E and t/t which makes her a perfect match for those that have a stallion with a colour modifier that only shows on black babies (silver, buckskin, bay, etc.), because her babies are guaranteed to be black-based.
She is currently in foal to Gypsy Soul’s King’s Maximus.
She also has a 2 year old gelding from ROMANY KING, a GVHS 5 star stallion who is world famous. He is destined
for the show ring. He is available as a 3 in 1 package with Pearl and her in utero foal, if the buyer wishes. She is due mid July.
Pearl is patient, kind, and wise. She is definitely an old soul. She requires a gentle, steady human. She has
no vices but she can take a few minutes to warm up to you and trust you. Once she does, that’s it. She’s yours.
Pearl has been to clinics and shows. She is GVHS registered. She is FIS n/n, and PSSM1 n/n. She was born
2013. She is up to date on deworming, vaccines, etc.

Pearl’s bloodlines include:

  • the P.O. Stallion
  • the P.O. Mare
  • Thorn Hill Black Hawke
  • Thorn Hill Pheonix
  • Free Spirit Brigh
Pearl foals easily. She needs help nursing her foal at first, because she fills up so much its painful for her for the first day or two. We just milk her a bit to relieve pressure then let the foal on her. After the first day or two there’s no issues.
Pearl needs to go to a home that will treat her kindly. She is such a great mare, she needs to be treated fairly, and with a light hand. She rarely requires correction. And when she does, just a spoken reprimand is enough for her to understand she didn’t please you.
Pearl has been sat on by adults and kids but isn’t properly broke. She lunges and leads and trailers well. She’s an angel for the ferrier. She doesn’t dance or figit, she just is a solid girl.
She has had 2 babies with us.
Pearl is 14.1, Romany King is 14.2, and Gypsy Soul’s King’s Maximus is 15.

DOB: May 6, 2018
GVHS Registered

3 in 1 – $19,500 USD
Pearl in foal – $13,000 usd


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