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Black Pearl

DOB: May 6, 2018
GVHS Registered

“Pearl” has been our herd mare for 3 years. She has awesome feather and the thickest tail I have ever seen,
or washed! :-). She has a fantastic build and is E/E and t/t which makes her a perfect match for those that have a stallion with a colour modifier that only shows on black babies (silver, buckskin, bay, etc.), because her babies are guaranteed to be black-based. She is currently in foal to Gypsy Soul’s King’s Maximus. She also has a 2 year old gelding from ROMANY KING, a GVHS 5 star stallion who is world famous. He is destined
for the show ring. He is available as a 3 in 1 package with Pearl and her in utero foal, if the buyer wishes. She is due mid July. Pearl is patient, kind, and wise. She is definitely an old soul. She requires a gentle, steady human. She has
no vices but she can take a few minutes to warm up to you and trust you. Once she does, that’s it. She’s yours. Pearl has been to clinics and shows. She is GVHS registered. She is FIS n/n, and PSSM1 n/n. She was born
2013. She is up to date on deworming, vaccines, etc.

Pearl’s bloodlines include:

  • the P.O. Stallion
  • the P.O. Mare
  • Thorn Hill Black Hawke
  • Thorn Hill Pheonix
  • Free Spirit Brigh

Pearl foals easily. She needs help nursing her foal at first, because she fills up so much its painful for her for the first day or two. We just milk her a bit to relieve pressure then let the foal on her. After the first day or two there’s no issues. Pearl needs to go to a home that will treat her kindly. She is such a great mare, she needs to be treated fairly, and with a light hand. She rarely requires correction. And when she does, just a spoken reprimand is enough for her to understand she didn’t please you. Pearl has been sat on by adults and kids but isn’t properly broke. She lunges and leads and trailers well. She’s an angel for the ferrier. She doesn’t dance or figit, she just is a solid girl. She has had 2 babies with us. Pearl is 14.1, Romany King is 14.2, and Gypsy Soul’s King’s Maximus is 15.


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n/nn/nn/nE/En/n (a/a, d/d, lp/lp etc.)
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Gypsy Soul’s Stoic Justice

GVHS pending.
DOB: April 29, 2019

Gypsy Soul’s Stoic Justice is a wonderful Romany King colt. He is built thick not only in the back end and neck, but also in the front end. He has one blue eye and has a sweet little head.

Justice is easy to handle. He leads easily on halter and stands for the farrier on his own. He was finished his first trim in 20 min without being held – just the farrier and him.

Justice is playful but gentle. He loves human affection and is patient and sweet. He trailers easily and stands tied for short periods of time, as is age appropriate.

Justice hold his head like a stallion, but has no stallion aggression. He is showy in the way he moves and holds himself. He is collected naturally with a vertical head. He almost doesn’t know he’s a Gypsy, he thinks he is a dressage Frisian with an extended trot already and he has plenty of room to bring his shoulders up.

Justice would make a future herd stallion or a future show gelding. He is willing, smart, and has a bit of spunk but no attitude.

Gypsy Soul’s Stoic Justice is out of Wild Rose Indian Sky and Romany King. Ask about a possible 3 in 1 purchase with his dam bred back to Romany King for a 2019 colt.


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Wild Rose Indian Sky

Gypsy Soul is offering a very special opportunity.

After much consideration, one of our best mares, Wild Rose Indian Sky is offered for sale, in foal to the legend Romany King, with the option of her stellar 2019 colt from Romany King, Gypsy Soul’s Stoic Justice.

Sky was a foundation mare of ours. Two of our best foals are out of Sky, including our well-known Gypsy Soul’s Stellar Grace (Stella).

Sky and our future herd stallion, Gypsy Soul’s King’s Maximus are not well matched, but her filly Stella is an excellent match to our Max. So, the herd evolves.

Sky is our tallest mare at 14.3. She is thick and gentle. When she doesn’t rub out her mane it is long.

She is GVHS registered and shown.

FIS neg, PSSM1 neg.
T/t. E/e.

Her colt, Gypsy Soul’s Stoic Justice is available as a 3 in 1 purchase. Please see additional pictures in comments below.

This girl was meant to be a broodmare. She is kind and gentle but she is happiest with hay beside her and a baby on her. She is thick, round croop, good front end, nice thick neck, nice apple back end.

She is super easy to catch (there is no catching… she walks towards you and puts her head down).

All easy, uncomplicated births with absolutely no issues.

The easiest broodmare ever. She invites you to see her babies. Not skittish, trailers all by herself, even teaches her babies to walk on.

She has been sat on a few times by adults and children but she is not properly broke.

She stands tied. Stalls. Good for ferrier (usually sleeps). Deworms easily. Everything you want in a broodmare.

Her lineage includes:

  • Clononeen Tumbleweed
  • Romany King
  • Firestorm
  • FCF Prada
  • Desert Jewel Hermit’s Apollo

Gypsy Soul’s Stoic Justice is a very well built boy with not only a remarkable back end and neck, which can be found, but also a well built front end! He is easy to handle including trailering, tying with mom, deworming, stands for ferrier without holding. Just the ferrier and him and finished in 20 min.


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Gypsy Soul’s Gypsy Star

DOB: April 20, 2017
GVHS Registered

“Star” is the most intelligent of our horses, and I think she knows it. She loves her humans, she’s very sweet and easy to handle. She’s been to clinics and shows and is an old hat at loading and hauling.  She is halter trained, ties well, takes her deworming easily, and stands well for the ferrier (she’s his favorite… but don’t tell the others). She has begun ground drive training and has been saddled. We will be breaking her and her matched dam as a driving team. Her lineage includes Coates Silver Thunder, The PO Stallion, The PO Mare, and Free Spirit Brigh. Her dam is our own Black Pearl. Star has the perfect, sought after little Gypsy head and she has great confirmation, feather, and a full double mane.  Star was born to be just that – a Star!


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Gypsy Soul’s Raphael

Pearl Bay Tobiano

DOB: May 25, 2018
GVHS Registered

Gypsy Soul’s Raphael is perfectly proportioned, and he is charming and flashy. He has the sought after small Gypsy head and ears atop a strong neck, rounded rump, and a short back.

Raphael’s dam is CNH Miss Daisy and his sire is Desert Jewel Diego.

He is small but mighty and is such a looker with his awesome markings. His rich dark brown colouring is due to his rare colouring (Raphael is a bay pearl tobiano). He is a friendly flashy boy that’s full of charm, loves his humans, and is sure to impress. He is the easiest foal we have ever and, in fact, he is the most willing and gentle foal I have ever seen. Ever.


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n/nn/nT/tE/eA/a, E/e, n/Prl
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