Gypsy Soul Stallions

Gypsy Soul’s prospect future herd Stallion is maturing nicely, but we will not use him as a Stallion until he is finished maturing and we are absolutely confident that breeding him will help to further improve the Gypsy horse breed. We will not settle for a stallion that isn’t perfect for our little Gypsy Soul herd.

As we wait “patiently” for him to mature, our extended Gypsy Family has afforded us an opportunity to pair our mares to some legendary , exceptional stallions owned by other Gypsy farms.

Romany King

Photos posted with permission from Coleen Graham of Ravalin Gypsies.

Romany King is a legend in his own right, and doesn’t require much introduction to anyone that knows Gypsy Horses. Romany King earned a 5 star evaluation by the GVHS, an accomplishment only met by 12 other horses up to and including 2015. He is simply a beautiful Gypsy Horse Stallion, owned and loved by Coleen Graham.

Desert Jewel Diego

Photos posted with permission from Dennis DeBruyne of Wild Rose Gypsy Horses.

“Diego” of Wild Rose Gypsy Horses is a rare, splendid example of a double dilute colour that does not dilute the traditional Gypsy Horse traits of feather, hair, confirmation, and temperament. He is a buckskin pearl stallion, and he is a wonderfully thick, hairy, traditional Gypsy horse stallion that just happens to give a cream or a pearl dilution gene to all of his foals.

His colour genetics are:  nT, Ee, nCr, nPrl, Aa.

North Fork Cayenne

North Fork Cayenne is a thick, handsome, very gentle stallion. When we met him we were impressed not only with this confirmation but also his personality. He was sweet with my daughters, whom he had never met before. His is thick and mighty, yet gentle. A perfect match for a Gypsy Soul mare.

North Fork Cayenne is the sire of our Last West Cha Cha’s future foal. Cayenne is a solid red. These two could have a buckskin!

SRS Poseidon

This year we had the unique opportunity to breed to the one and only SD Touchdown son – SRS Poseidon. Poseidon is beautiful example of the Gypsy breed that just also happens to be a blue roan. His personality is that of a sought-after Gypsy stallion, and we saw first hand while he was bred to our mare what a gentle Stallion Poseidon is. He is known for his demenour being passed to his offspring, as well as his compact yet thick Gypsy build. Sire is SD Touchdown, dam is Queen of the Gypsies (from The Roadsweeper UK) SRS Poseidon is owned by Gypsy Dreams.

Gypsy Soul’s King’s Maximus

“Max” is our potential herd stallion. He’s very tall, extremely thick and well built. We expect him to mature at around 16 hands. His Lion King and Blue Mountain Tiger line is evident in his full feather, huge build, and in his forward action. He has beautiful movement, especially given his full build. We have dreams of him starring in an open show dressage ring, and we are starting him with this in mind.

Max is a love bug. He’s the first to greet his humans, and is exceptionally gentle with my daughters. During a mini-mare stampede caused by brand new electric fencing, it was Max that ran in front of our youngest daughter and ensured no horse came near her. He has been the central focus of a 12 year old girls’ birthday party with screaming almost-teenagers surrounding him and squealing as only 12 year old girls can, and he didn’t flinch and loved the attention those girls bestowed upon him.

He is exactly what a Gypsy Stallion should be, and we have faith that he will add even more greatness to our already beautiful Gypsy herd.

DOB: May 25, 2016
GVHS Registered


FISPSSM 1Tobiano PatternColourAll Other Colours/Patterns
n/nn/nn/TE/en/n (a/a, d/d, lp/lp etc.)
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