We Are a Gypsy Horse Breeder
located in Alberta, Canada

Gypsy Soul

Bred for excellence.
Raised for your family.

Gypsy Horses

(Gypsy Vanners, Gypsy Cob, Irish Cobs)

A breed like no other.

Most horse lovers know that Gypsy Horses are beautiful with their long hair and feather, and that they are a strong and solid breed. They know that they are versatile, that they can not only pull and drive but also be ridden in all disciplines including trail, dressage, and hunt. They know that a well-bred Gypsy is gentle and intelligent, thanks to their deep Romani roots.

But only Gypsy Horse owners know a Gypsy’s Soul to be the most kind, patient, and forgiving equine Soul can be added to your family.

We Genetically Test Every Horse in Our Natural Herd

Our Gypsy Soul horses are completely free of every inherited disease that can be tested for that affects the Gypsy breed, and every Gypsy Soul horse is also genetically tested for colour and pattern to help ensure optimal breeding outcomes.

The Gypsy Soul herd carries excellent genetic lines. Every Gypsy Soul horse is registered with the GVHS, the most difficult registry with which to register.

Gypsy Soul horses are trained using natural horsemanship, a perfect fit for these gentle Souls. They are 4H horses, they are show horses, they are pleasure horses.

But most importantly:

Each Gypsy Soul foal is handled from birth by our family, to ensure that they are ready to join your family.